Kissakahvila Japanissa

Vice-lehti raportoi japanilaisesta kissakahvilasta. Koska kyseessä on Vice, kielenkäyttö on karkeampaa kuin tyypillisesti kissablogeissa. Kun luin artikkelin kommentit, päätin ottaa linkin artikkeliin kokonaan pois, googlatkaa, jos haluatte löytää. Linkkaanpa tässä kauniimpaan artikkeliin Reutersilta, ja otan Viceltä vain pari lainausta.

”While I sipped my coffee in a room full of cats and cat groupies, I could slowly feel the soothing effects of the kitty café wash over me. Before I knew it, I was smiling for no reason and was so at ease that my eyes started to droop in a sort of happy stupor. Others must have been feeling the same numbing effects because occasionally the room full of people would fall silent as they stared at the cats’ every move.”

Vice: What do you do when you’re at a cat café?
Nakatsuka: I mainly shoot photos of the cats. This is the only time that I ever take photos, really. I come to take a bunch of cat photos, and that’s it. I don’t even read.

Vice: So you’re saying that you own that expensive-looking camera just so that you can take pictures of cats?

Nakatsuka: Yes, I bought this camera after I started coming here on a regular basis. Until then, I didn’t really care how the photos came out or what type of camera I used, but after shooting for a while I gradually felt an urge to use a better camera.